Thursday, August 29, 2013

50th Anniversary and Commemoration of March on Washington on August 28, 1963

I Have A Dream” speech given by 
Martin Luther King August 28, 2013

I cried today!
Feelings were mixed
Honored that GOD
Selected me! Hand picked to enter the world
One month before a Dream of FREEDOM and EQUALITY
Released into the atmosphere
Establishing a shift…
They call it a standard
An Archetype

I cried today!
Because I realize my journey, battle, challenge has not only been about
Deliverance and breakthrough, 
but building Courage for Transformation!
Leaving a legacy of Greatness not fame!

I cried today!
Joy and Pain!
Love and Hate!
Disbelief and Hope!
Chaos and Confusion!
Black and White!
Brown and Yellow!
Rich and Poor!
You and Me!

I cried today!
For our children
Our Elderly
Mothers and
Fatherless whores
Brother-less men
And sister-less girls ….

Selling our souls and
Numbing our core
Perverted humility!
Satisfied with the status quo
Smugness and complacency

I cried today!
I wondered in all of our accomplishments
All of our Preaching!
All of our Singing!
And all of our praying or is it preying!

Why does the pain yet incarcerate 
our Families,
Communities, and world?

Is it Acceptance,
and the foul smell of success built on manure!

I cried today!
Given to me when I entered the world!!!!
Written by iRiS

August 28, 2013

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